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I went over to the new house on Saturday and again this morning. The… - Thoughts of a meat popsicle
14th March 2011
11:54 am


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I went over to the new house on Saturday and again this morning. The kitchen has been ripped out, and this morning the electrician is doing his work, and was asking about where we wanted lights. I asked him to run some cat5 to a few places too.

On Saturday we got a piece of red oak and got some stain samples, and this morning looking at the hardwood in the house we've picked a stain color for the new hardwood that will be laid in the kitchen and dining room. The old color palette was too grey so Michelle is going to get some more samples that we can put on the walls to see if the new color palette looks good.

The kitchen cabinets probably won't be ready for 5 weeks yet. Saturday we bought appliances at a huge appliance sale and probably saved several thousand dollars. The new refrigerator, washer, dryer, oven, dishwasher, range hood, and induction cooktop all together cost just under $10k, which was less than I was expecting to spend.

The Austin house should be ready to sell soon, if the contractor there will get moving, and then we'll have some cash again. So now we're thinking about re-doing the bathrooms now instead of later. It's possible we can get that done before we move in as well. We've extended our lease until April 30, so M is going to get us set up with some movers now that we know a date.

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