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Screen time - Thoughts of a meat popsicle
28th January 2011
07:38 am


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Screen time
William and Xander are sitting in front of the computer, which has a background image of two clownfish swimming in an anemone. They're playing with Lego ships they built, and W decided to mount a rescue mission for the fishes since they're being attacked by "the green things".

Xander says, "I don't have any fire!"

William responds, "here, you can borrow my fire." Xander shoots the fish. William says, "no Xander, you can't shoot the fish, you can only shoot the green things!"

"Boom! Pow!"

So my kids are playing with Legos in front of the computer, doing pretend about the static background image. And naturally, the question any concerned 21st century parent would have is, does this count as screen time? Am I still a bad parent? :-)

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